Jot Art


Q4 2022
  • Finesse: Shadow Warriors public beta release.
  • Release of Finesse: The Kingdom public beta
  • Presale of exclusive limited NFTs from FSW game.
  • JOT presale
  • Jot Art Marketplace launch
  • Pre-sale of Spaceship NFTs from Galactic Armageddon game.
Q1 2023
  • Implementation of PvP Arena mode in Finesse: Shadow Warriors
  • Implementation of PvP Arena mode in Finesse: The Kingdom
  • Integration of blockchain rating system
  • Preview of tournaments
  • Presale of exclusive limited NFTs
  • Pre-sale of Astronauts NFTs for Galactic Armageddon game.
  • CEX and DEX listing for $JOT
Q2 2023
  • Launch of V2 of Finesse: Shadow Warriors
  • Improvement of PVE in FSW game
  • Improvement of PVE in Finesse: The Kingdom game.
  • Localization of the games in 12 languages.
  • Launch of Mobile versions of Finesse: Shadow Warriors & Finesse: The Kingdom game.
Q3 2023
  • Expansion of the metaverse with new battles, bosses.
  • Community Airdrops
  • Auction of additional in-game content
  • Improvement of combat systems
  • Launch of tournaments in the Jot Art gaming metaverse
  • Release Heroes of the Jungle public beta.
  • Introduction of LAND in Jot Art
  • Galactic Armageddon public beta release.
Q4 2023
  • 3 new games to be added to the Jot Art metaverse
  • New product offerings.
  • Launch of Jot Art DAO
  • Opening of Community Treasury vault
  • Jot Art SDK & API release
  • Jot Art Studio app launch
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