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Blockchain gaming introduces a gaming structure known as play to earn (P2E). P2E games enable users to transfer in-game items, tokenize, trade and convert them to assets with tangible value. In-game currencies are cryptocurrencies and can be exchanged for other cryptos or fiat such as USD. Likewise, other in-game items, such as characters and inventory, are also tradeable in the form of NFTs.
Traditional Gaming
- No earning, only spending
- Centralized
- Time and money is lost when a gamer starts to play a new game with no way of recouping losses
- In-game currency and points are restricted to individual games
- Intrusive Ads, monetization strategy.
Blockchain Gaming
- Allows gamers the opportunity to Play & Earn
- Ability to move collectibles and tokens across games
- DAO driven
- Censorship-resistant
- Typically offer an Ad-free gaming experience.