Jot Art


Users will be able to trade their NFTs from the Jot Art marketplace with a wide selection of weapons like light-sabers, grenades, bullets, next-gen guns, land and more objects. Weapons and all in-game accessories will be bought using the $JOT token, the Jot Art metaverse’s native token. The JOT token will also be used for governance of the Jot Art DAO.
The first batch of NFTs from the flagship games Finesse: Shadow Warriors and Galactic Armageddon are available for minting or buying starting February, 23rd 2022 from the Jot Art marketplace or 3rd party marketplaces like Opensea and Looksrare. Announcements will be made as more collections are released. Some Jot Art metaverse NFTs will be for sale while others will be free to collect via occasional airdrops.